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hand-painted furniture

We encourage clients who want to DIY to get our support privately OR in store with our superb range of non-toxic and high-quality painting supplies.

But there is also (of course!) the simple pleasure of buying a piece of our done-for-you + artisan-crafted + locally hand-painted furniture. We choose sturdy pieces right here on the island. As an added bonus for our planet, this reduces waste by upcycling + transforming them from a piece of furniture to a piece of ART!


Bright & Whimsical

We love to work with color and experiment with the latest styles and techniques for bringing life back to your old, tired pieces of furniture. For a professional-looking finish that is going to last, come and see what our latest piece is.


Classy Beach Feel

Naturally, being on Martha's Vineyard we are constantly inspired by the gorgeous environment around us. The coastal look is perfect for any house on the Island! We can obtain that look by either color washing, white-washing, distressing or applying the driftwood look.


Elegant Details

Adding an embellishment, highlighting accents on the furniture, and creating little stencil details can add so much to a piece.  Whether it's applying gold leaf on edges of wood or stencils on the inside of drawers, it's the little things that can enhance a piece of painted furniture.


We'll happily custom-paint pieces for you!

Do you recognize this armoire? Have a peek higher on this page to find the "after"! Come by, or we can come to your home to help you plan ways to upgrade for a unique mix that perfectly fits your tastes and existing furniture.